Medical studies

International scientists’ opinion on IARC classification A  Ken Donaldson, David Bernstein, Allen Gibbs, Fred Pooley, Arthur Langer, John Hoskins, Jacques Dunnigan

Hundreds of medical studies demonstrating safety of a controlled use of chrysotile have been conducted worldwide, such as:

  • Occupational exposure to asbestos and man-made vitreous fibres and risk of lung cancer: a multicentre case-control study in Europe
  • A comparison of the risks from different materials containing asbestos
  • Risk assessment for asbestos-related cancer from the 9/11 attack on theWorldTradeCenter
  • The health effects of chrysotile: current perspective based upon recent data, 2006
  • The toxicological response of Brazilian chrysotile asbestos: a multidose subchronic 90-day inhalation toxicology study with 92-day recovery to assess cellular and pathological response, 2006
  • On the use and misuse of the IARC Classification of Carcinogenic Substances: the case of asbestos
  • Russian-Finnish-American study of health and labor conditions of asbestos miners and millers, 1997
  • The biopersistence of Brazilian chrysotile asbestos following inhalation, 2004
  • Comparison of Calidria chrysotile asbestos to pure tremolite: inhalation biopersistence and histopathology following short-term exposure, Switzerland 2003
  • The analysis of association between labor conditions and health of chrysotile asbestos miners and millers, Russian Federation, RAMS Institute of Occupational Medicine, 2000
  • Assessment of the release of chrysotile fibers from asbestos cement products during weathering,Russian Federation, Belgorod State Technological Academy of Building Materials, 2000
  • Experimental studies on comparative assessment of biological properties of asbestos and substitute fibrous materials, Russian Federation, RAMS Institute of Occupational Medicine, 2002
  • Comparing the relative biological activity of degradation products of asbestos cement materials and some components of asbestos cement,Russia,BelgorodStateUniversity, 2003
  • A survey of the health problems associated with the production and use of high density chrysotile products, 2005