Chrysotile based technical products

Heat insulating and heat resistant textiles include asbestos fabrics, cloths, cords, yarn, threads, and fibers. Asbestos fabrics and cloths are used for thermal insulation of surfaces with the temperatures up to +450 °C. Asbestos cords, yarn, threads and fibers are used as a sealing and heat insulating material at temperatures below +400 °C in work environments of gas, steam, and water.

Gaskets are pads of different sizes and shapes cut out from sheet materials (paronites) made of the mixture of asbestos fibers, rubber, and fillers having various properties. Gaskets are used for sealing fixed joints of devices, vessels, armature, pipelines, internal combustion engines, and other aggregates securing their impermeability when exposed to high temperatures, pressure, and aggressive media.

Sealants are braided gland packing, both dry and impregnated with antifriction mineral oil compositions. They are noted for their high sealing ability and reliability in the wide range of temperatures, pressures, and aggressive media.

Friction products are brake shoes for railway and automobile transport that provide the required brake efficiency. They are produced by hot forming of a special composition with a reticulate-wire or all-metal frame.